Buy To Let

Whether you only have one property or you’re a landlord with a portfolio of 50, we can help you. Our approach involves structuring deals in a way that ensures you are always making the most of your purchase or portfolio, and to ease any stress relating to LTV (Loan-to- Value) and rentals. 

Mr & Mrs Smith have a portfolio of six residential properties. They were looking to purchase another three residentials, one of which was only £38,000. Through working with their current portfolio, we were able to release enough equity for 25% deposits for the two higher value properties and to purchase the £38k property as a “cash buyer”. Not only did this allow Mr & Mrs Smith to grow their property portfolio, but due to our support, we were also able to improve the rates they were paying on their current properties.

We have proven expertise when it comes to long-term HMO finance, which we can access for you as an individual or in your limited company name. As well as securing finance for mini multiple- occupancy projects, we can also secure funding for larger HMOs (20+) and multiple blocks too. 

Due to our vast experience in this area, we can provide you with expert guidance and detailed advice to ensure that you are fully informed at all times. 

If you need finance for an HMO/MUB project, then please get in touch with us.